A breakthrough in 2D hydraulic modeling!

RiverFLO-2D Plus is a powerful two-dimensional river and estuary flexible mesh models that can tackle the most demanding flood modeling situations including dam-break and levee-break simulations. Its stable and fast finite-volume engine allows treating high speed flows and fast frontal waves over initially dry terrain. >>More information.

Three new RiverFLO-2D Plus modules expand the model capabilities even further: Mud & Debris Flow, Sediment Transport and Pollutant Transport.

Our RiverFLO-2D Plus GPU, the next level of 2D modeling, enhances modeling productivity and reduces simulation times by orders of magnitude.



Speed up! The next level of 2D hydraulic modeling.

RiverFLO-2D Plus GPU is our new two-dimensional model that achieves simulation speeds never seen before allowing solving large river hydraulic problems that used to be impractical or even impossible until recently.


The release of the GPU version of RiverFLO-2D Plus flexible mesh model is already creating a splash in many flood and river modeling applications, running 85 times faster or more than non-parallelized or CPU parallelized models. >> More information.




MD | Mud & Debris Flow, ST | Sediment Transport and PL | Pollutant Transport modules.


These modules expand the RiverFLO-2D Plus capabilities. All are available now. 

They can be purchased separately or boundeled with RiverFLO-2D Plus. 


OL | Oil Spills on land module coming soon!